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Drinking Animal Planter

Drinking Animal Planter

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In the new era we can hardly take good care of ourselves, and most of us don't have the extra time to look after our beloved greenery. Don't neglect them as plants release oxygen and make the environment better! 
Good news is, we have a better way to let you take care of your own plants! Check out these adorable Drinking Animal Planters! Choose from four different ceramic critters, each with their own type of plant perched atop their sweet little heads. These stubby-legged pets are ready to brighten up your desk or window sill. 

Product Features:

  • Happy ceramic animal planter with long tongues that soak up water to feed to your plant.
  • Includes water bowl for your animal planter to dip their tongues in.
  • Box contains a ceramic animal planter, seeds, soil and water bowl.
  • 4 incredibly cute animals to choose from:
    Cat – Wild Strawberry
    Dog – Clover
    Frog – Mint
    Panda – Basil