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Cutting metal with normal cutter is frustrating and a you can't get the perfect edge. Introducing the Metal Nibbler, with this cutting tool you can get a perfect metal cut and it's safe! This dual head metal nibbler cutter is to be used with an electric drill or air drill. Capable of cutting any kind of thin metal.

Here's the feature for the product:
  1. Straight cutting & curve cutting capable
  2. Double cutting head & 360 degree adjustable
  3. Excellent cutting effect without any burrs & edges
  4. Ergonomic design handle for comfort
  5. Durable, efficient & safe
  6. Compact size, easy to operate & labor-saving
  7. Suitable for car repair, maintenance & metal sheet productions
  8. Maximum cutting capacities: steel plate 1.8mm, stainless steel 1.0mm, copper/aluminium plate 2mm, plastic/fiberboard 2mm
  9. Speed: 1500 - 3000rpm
  10. Minimum cutting radius: 12mm