DrillerRIVET™ With Handle

DrillerRIVET™ With Handle

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Traditional way of riveting is too laborious, inefficient and noisy. It's time to follow up the pace, riveting is now easier and better with the new generation of cordless drill attachment, the DrillerRIVET™ With Handle!


  1. To operate this riveter, attach it to a portable drill, hold the riveter body and reverse the drill to fasten it.
  2. Select appropriate pin dye and secured it on the riveter.
  3. Loosen the chuck and jaws.
  4. Insert rivet pin and secure it's position.
  5. Operate the drill clockwise to tighten and fasten the rivet pin.
  6. Operate the drill anti-clockwise to remove the rivet pin.

Note: It is important to remove the rivet pin before placing a new rivet pin as it might cause damages towards the riveter.

  • LOWER NOICE: No more hammering sound from the traditional riveter.
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Ensures high productivity and improve your return on investment with very low installation cost. Furthermore, you are using the same drill for drilling and riveting!
  • IMPROVE EFFICIENCY: The rivets do not drop out. Quick release and installation, excellent ergonomics, great strength and great added features.
  • CONVENIENT & LABOUR SAVING: Contrasted with the traditional riveter,the insert nut makes tasks so easy when connected with drill, reducing user fatigue.
  • WIDE USAGE: Compact size and weight for areas of the manufacturing industrial fastening. Applicable to all kinds of sheet metal, pipes. 

Package Includes: 1* Drill Riveter Set