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Door & Fender Edge Repair Tool

Door & Fender Edge Repair Tool

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Dents on the edge of the doors are difficult to restore, and it is not possible to restore using normal dent remover. Well, it is a complete different story when it comes to Door & Fender Edge Repair Tool. This tools set are specially designed to pull out and restore car door and fender edge effectively and efficiently. It comes with a flat 90 degree and a J-shaped puller to restore your car edge.

  • PDR Tools: Great for car's door edge damage and specifically designed to repair crumpled or dented door and fender edges with ease.
  • Universal Tab Fitting: Has universal fitting for slide hammers and smoothed to avoid damage to aluminum slide hammers. Strong enough for monster pulls to fix extreme damage
  • J-Shaped Hook slides easily into fender liners. Helps to restore body lines. 
  • 90 Degree Hook works the best for door edges. Simply close the door with the tool inserted and straight out or on an angle. Also perfect for removing those nasty lines on hood and deck lid edges
  • Restore dreaded door edge and fender lip dents, stubborn double layered door edges. 

Package Includes: 

  • J-Shaped Hook
  • Flat 90 degree Hook