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Dog Poop Collector

Dog Poop Collector

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Care for the cleanliness of the environment and do not let your dogs litter around especially at park! The Dog Poop Collector allows you relax yourself and free your dogs at the park, you do not have to follow them to clear up their litter.

  • Soft: The dog poop collector comes with soft silicone pad, which is comfortable and lightweight for your dog’s tail. Does not hurt and anti-skid. 
  • Convenient: The poop will fall into the collection bag. No need for you to running around to avoid unexpected embarrassment. Disposable bags are convenient as you can replace whenever and wherever.
  • Lightweight: Small and compact that you could put it in pocket and carry to anywhere you want.
  • Easy to Use: When the collection bag is full, you just have to take the clip off and press the button and the bag will drop to the bin. No mess, no bending, no scooping, no touching.
Package Includes:
1 x Silicone Clip
20 x Disposable Bags