Dog Candy Treat

Dog Candy Treat

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Treat your dog with something different! The Dog Candy Treat is the nutritious treat for your dog that has dental benefits and also high in crude protein and low in fat. Besides that, the candy treat helps to reduce tartar and improve your dog's oral hygiene.  You can place the candy treat on the floor, wall or even furniture or anywhere that your dog loves to hang out. 

Dog Candy Treat comes with an adhesive at the bottom that allows you to put the candy treat anywhere you want. It also comes with a cap to prevent dust from sticking onto the treat.

  • Healthy Nutritive Ingredients: Dog treats sugar balls are rich in nutrition such as DHA, amino acids, linolenic acid, taurine, folic acid, pantothenic acid, nucleotides, vitamins, multivitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. Essential vitamins and minerals help support her overall healthy condition.
  • Nutritious & Dental Benefits: It is made from xylose. It contains no preservatives, is fully digestible, high in crude protein and low in fat. This quality chewing can help reduce tartar and improve your dog's oral hygiene
  • Easy to use: The bottom adhesive allows you put the candy treat at any place, such as floor, wall or furniture.
  • Safety and Clean: There is a cover for storage, place the cover back on when your dog stop is done enjoying the treat.
  • Benefit: Regulate the stomach and reduce the stench. Multiple nutrients promote bone and tooth development.

Package Includes: 1*Dog Candy Treat