DIY Ukulele 21 inches

DIY Ukulele 21 inches

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Are you an ukulele lover? We are excited to help you start your ukulele journey! DIY Ukulele 21 inches ukulele kit is a high end ukulele model, all parts are included for you to build a 100% playable (and great sounding) ukulele. Make your own ukulele or give the ukulele as an gift to your friends, kids, lover!

Two included screws hold the tuners firmly in place. The saddle is held in by two screws (included)and the bridge sits firmly in place in its groove! The DIY ukulele is easy to install, you do not need any tools to put this together besides a screwdriver and something to trim off the excess strings when you put them on. Build a unique ukulele by yourself now or give your friends, families an amazing exquisite handmade ukulele!


  • DIY ukulele kit is perfect for anyone and even serious musicians.
  • Using the latest technology along with highly trained and experienced craftsman we are now offering a ukulele kit that simply cannot beat for it's quality and price.
  • Sanded well, and pre-drilled. It will need a very slight sanding for finishing.
  • This unfinished kit is high quality ukulele model which is also then finished and sold as a finished high grade model.
  • All parts included to build a 100% playable (and great sounding) ukulele

Package Includes:    

  • Basswood Box(1pcs)
  • Basswoof Neck(1pcs)
  • Plastic Fingerboard(1pcs)
  • Plastic Bridqe(1pcs)
  • Plastic Pillow(2pcs)
  • Nylon String(4pcs)
  • Sound Points(2pcs)
  • Knob(4pcs)
  • Knob Screw Nut(4pcs)
  • Bridqe Screw(2pcs)
  • Fingerboard Screw(4pcs)