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DIY Acrylic Machine Robot Arm

DIY Acrylic Machine Robot Arm

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Increase your children's intelligent level with the DIY Acrylic Machine Robot Arm, it is a machine robot project for your children which they need to assemble themselves. Let them enjoy their weekends or holiday with this educational toy!
  • Degree: 4 degree of freedom
  • Material: Acrylic 
  • For: 8 years old and above
  • Weight: about 450g
  • Servo: 4 micro servos MG90S

  1. 4 degree of freedom robot arm with more untrammeled and flexible experience.
  2. Most parts are integratedly punch-formed at one time,which is very strong and  easy to install.
  3. All movement joints are using high quality bearings with good precision.
  4. Full 4 axis moving to do extra extension and support 180° robot servo.
Item are not assembled upon delivery, which required you to install with patience and hands-on ability.

Package includes:
1x 4DOF Robot Arm Kit
4x Mg90s Servo
1x Arduino uno r3 Board
1x Potentiometer Control Board
1x 5V 2A Power Adapter