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Disposable Piercing Kit (2pcs)

Disposable Piercing Kit (2pcs)

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Experience the DIY pain free ear piercing at home now! Disposable Piercing Kit is the revolutionary ear piercing units that are specially made by professional medical manufacturer to eliminate the possible cross-infection and inflammation during ear piercing. Each unit has an individual ear stud where you can just dispose the device after use. You can now have new piercing without visiting the jewelry store!

  • Disposable ear piercing unit, eliminates the possible cross-infection and inflammation during ear piercing.
  • Easy to operate and locate the pinpoint where you want the hole to be accurately.
  • Individually packed and sterilized, suitable for professional use or home use.
  • Suitable for ear, belly and nose piercing
Note: Please make sure your ears and the product are sterilized with the alcohol pads before use.

Package includes: 
2*Disposable Piercing Kit
2*Built-in Stud
2*Alcohol Pad