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Digital Depth Gauge

Digital Depth Gauge

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The Digital Depth Gauge is a light weight and easy to use gauge for all types of wood working applications. Digital Depth Gauge is very useful for setting saw blade and router bit heights as well as positioning fences on router tables and band saws. 
It comes with a large LCD display screen for easier reading, this gauge also capable to reads in inches(") with fractions or millimeters(mm). With the fractions display, you'll be able to get  more precise readings as the fraction technology which gives you 4 times the accuracy compared to other fraction readouts. The decimal inches are displayed in .002-Inch increments and the millimeters in .1mm increments. The accuracy and repeatability are .004-Inch (.1mm). This is a must have tool for woodworker!
  • Digital displays for easy reading (inches with fractions or millimeters)
  • Lays flat for fence to blade or bit positioning
  • Locking rule for repeat setting
  • Measure bore & slot depths with the plunger attachment
  • Horizontal & vertical measuring.
  • Locking screw for holding measurement
  • Self standing for setting cutter depth on router tables and low profile back fence adjustment


  • Measuring Range:0~80mm (0~3 1/8" )
  • Hole Depth:0~50.8mm(0~2" )
  • Working Temperature:0°C~+50°C
  • Working Humidity:< =85%RH
  • Working Currency:<100μA
  • Resolution:0.05mm(0.002" )
  • Accuracy:0.1mm (0.004" )
  • Repeatability:0.1mm (0.004" )
  • Battery: CR2032 3V Lithium Battery (Battery not included)
  • Power Life:>1500 hrs
  • EMC Level:2