Digital Angle Ruler

Digital Angle Ruler

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This multi-function ruler combines both inclinometer and goniometer that could both measure angle and length, metric and imperial scale. It is convenient because it calculates angles quickly and accurately, digital display clearly. Besides that, it can be easily operate using only two buttons and locking function that could lock the degree measurement at any angle.

Digital Angle Ruler can be applied on various fields such as woodworking (for adjusting angles of table saw, miter saw, band saw etc), vehicle maintenance & repairing, construction, sketching or drawing and lastly medical treatment.

1.Convenient Locking Screw - By tightening the screw, the ruler could be hold at any angles
2.Durable stainless steel Body - Stainless steel rulers ensure better longetivity
3.Etched Measurement - Etched measurement provides lifetime clear reading
4.Low Power Consumption - Working more than 2000 hours with one piece of CR2032 button battery ( battery not included)
5.Auto Off - Automatically shut down after 6 minutes of inactivity

6. Accurate - Accuracy up to 0.3°

1.Do not remove the screws and components at random
2. Please handle your angle meter with care, use even strength to rotate the Rotate Arm, and do not use too much strength