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Detachable Dust Cleaner

Detachable Dust Cleaner

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Cleaning dust under the sofa or bed will be a breeze with the all new innovating dust cleaning technology, the Detachable Dust Cleaner! Detachable Dust Cleaner is a lightweight, portable and essential tool for cleaning dust for hidden corners especially under your bed or sofa! The flexible head of dust cleaner allows bending in any direction for the easiest and most effective way to reach and clean every possible corner in the house. It can be used for cleaning ceiling fans, window sills, tall walls, corners, and other areas that are difficult to reach. Its core is made up of a strong but pliable wire designed to withstand numerous bends for a longevity.
  • Flat Brush Head --- Detachable Dust Cleaner designed with flat brush head, it starts from the crack in each corner and deep into the gap. It is easy to clean dirt, hair and dust.
  • Lengthening Handle --- The handle made of soft PP material that can withstand numerous bends, durable, smooth and burr-free. It is comfortable to hold and easy to clean different gap dust, spider web and hair.
  • Ergonomic Design --- The head of the brush designed with buckle, easy to assemble and disassemble and the tail has a hole for hanging on the wall for space saving.
  • Wide Use --- Drive away the dust and make your home cleaner. 

Package Included :

  • 1*Detachable Dust Cleaner
  • 10 pieces of Non-Woven microfiber cloths