Deburring Tool

Deburring Tool

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A deburring tool is designed to remove sharp edges and burrs from drilled holes and pipework. Burrs and sharp edges can form on work pieces during manufacturing processes like drilling holes and it's often beneficial to remove them. The deburring tool comes with a cutter which is small in size, convenient for carrying, simple and safe in operation. The sharp blade can easily remove the burr, and you can replace the blade by a simple push button.

The blade is mounted on the handle can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to use and flexible. Suitable to work on materials such as: stainless steel, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc.

Material: steel
Hardness: 63RC
Machining position: the circular hole edge, straight edge, curved edges (Not suitable for outer edges, flat)

Package list:
1 X Deburring Tool
10 X BS1010 Blade