Cutting Saw Drill Bits

Cutting Saw Drill Bits

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Still switching tools on your project? Why not have a try on the Cutting Saw Drill Bits? Cutting Saw Drill Bits are specially designed to make grooves on your projects, suitable for wood, aluminium, plastic and thin metal sheet. Made of HSS high speed steel material with titanium coated, drill bits has a sharp body edge, completing your task faster with less effort. 

Cutting Saw Drill Bits come in a set of 6 different sizes of drill bits: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm and 8mm. It is made from HSS 4241 and has hardness up to 60-63HRC. Perfect for the bench drill, hand drill, etc


    • Premium Quality - Made use of HSS high speed steel material with titanium coated, sharp body edge, faster with less effort.
    • Durable & Reliable - Classic high speed steel construction with titanium coating for proven capability and durability.
    • Better & Faster - Increases cutting speed with self-centering and prevents walking, clears chips and particles faster.
    • Long-term Use - Proprietary heat treatment makes for sharper, longer-lasting life.
    • Perfect Selection - Compatible with all connector systems, electric or battery-powered drill drivers, and impact drivers.
    Package Include:
    3mm Cutting Saw Drill Bit X 1
    4mm Cutting Saw Drill Bit X 1
    5mm Cutting Saw Drill Bit X 1
    6mm Cutting Saw Drill Bit X 1
    6.5mm Cutting Saw Drill Bit X 1
    8mm Cutting Saw Drill Bit X 1