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Lazy glasses for horizontal reading and watching tv

Lazy glasses for horizontal reading and watching tv

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  • Glasses is great for using a laptop or reading a book in bed while lying flat. It is helpful for you to protect your cervical vertebra.
  • Changing the sight perspectives of wearer, breaking the rules of watching things, allowing users watch the images in front of them naturally, conveniently, comfortably and distinctly in a lying position.
  • Precisely aligned glass prisms show half a page of an average hardcover book. Eliminates the need for the head movements.
  • Amazing glasses can effectively prevent and lessen the fatigue and discomfort of the neck, the lumbar vertebra and the shoulder portion.
  • The special spectacles are as similar in shape as ordinary glasses.
  • You can wear the prism glasses only or wear it over your ordinary glasses (include prescription glasses).
  • It is made up of a frame, fixing components and a refractive lens which turns straight-line lights into crooked-line lights. The refractive lens is settled in the view-finders of the frame; the fixings and the frame are fastened together.
  • Fit for men and women.