Cotton Candy Maker

Cotton Candy Maker

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With this easy-to-use Cotton Candy Maker, you can craft your own cotton candy within minutes at home! It spins sugar in bundles of fluffy cotton candy, and all you have to do is collect and enjoy the delicious crumbs on your cotton candy sticks! 

As the machine heats up, the central head begins to spin, forcing liquid sugar through its tiny perforations. As soon as the sugars reach the air, they cool down and solidify again, forming a tissue of sugar follicles in the sump. Cotton Candy Maker is perfect for birthdays, weddings, New Year's Eve or whenever you feel like having a treat!


  • The heat pipe has a better thermal conductivity and it can be used continuously.
  • PP food grade, non-toxic, easy to clean and dish-washer safe.
  • Entertain your children for hours with this machine.
  • Much safer to use as it is powered by electricity, not by oil or gas.

Voltage: 220V 50 / 60Hz
Power: 450W

Package Includes:
1 * Cotton Candy Maker
1 * User manual