Concrete Waterproof Agent

Concrete Waterproof Agent

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Protect and lengthen your concrete work with the Concrete Waterproof Agent! Unlike cheap acrylic concrete sealers, this agent penetrates deep into your concrete surface up to 60mm! It forms a coating to protect your concrete surfaces from deterioration, water and salt damages, making it the best penetrating sealer!
  1. Clean and dry targeted area such as the edge of tiles, corners, walls and the edge of toilet seat.
  2. To seal the leakage, apply agent on targeted area with a brush or spray.
  3. Allow to rest and dry for 24 hours.


  • IMPRESS YOUR NEIGHBORS FOR YEARS : Concrete Waterproof Agent for protecting your driveway, sidewalk, garage floor, Patio, or any other concrete surface. Unlike cheap acrylic concrete sealers, which only last about one year and usually don’t provide a full seal, Concrete Waterproof Agent penetrates deep into your concrete surface for 10+ years of protection from things like deterioration, water, and salt damage making it the best penetrating sealer.
  • IMPROVED HOME VALUE : By protecting the life of your driveway, sidewalks, patio, garage floor, and more allowing them to last longer, will help to improve the value of your home! Also works great as paver, block, cinder block, CMU, brick, chimney, and outdoor fireplace sealers.
  • QUEST FOR BETTER HOME CARE : As a company, we build our products around a foundation of better home care for the average consumer. Concrete Waterproof Agent  is a SAFE & Eco-friendly siloxane concrete penetrating sealer approved by the department of transportation. Made with the highest quality formula for complete protection.

Package Includes: 500ml Concrete Waterproof Agent