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Combination Bottle Lock (3pcs)

Combination Bottle Lock (3pcs)

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As the consummate host, you should never turn away an uninvited house guest. But in the event of a guest who makes it their mission to raid your spirit cupboard, we would like to issue you with some standard equipment: the Combination Bottle Lock. Place your bottle of spirit in the puzzle and lock it up. The bottle will then be imprisoned in a seemingly impenetrable fortress.

Made from stainless steel you can set your own combination and then simply press into the opened bottle and lock. Only you will know how to unlock it and release the bottle. Should your drinks cupboard be probed, your last bottle of spirit will remain safe and sound, whilst your thirsty visitor fumes over how to untangle the mess of balls and blocks.


  • As a Combination Lock - Safeguard your wine and liquor at home
  • As a Preservation Device & Bottle Stopper - Leak-proof locking cap, preserve wine for another day.
  • As a Perfect Gift - Cool and useful gadget, your friends will love this little gift from you.
  • Great for preventing children, teens or roommates drinking your booze, Lock in your three-digit combination(keys free) and keep the contents in your bottle safe and secure.¬†
  • Fits most wine and beer bottles as well as some liquor bottles.

Package Includes: 3pcs x  Combination Bottle Lock