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Circular Cutter

Circular Cutter

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Cutting perfect round circle on paper or leather is extremely difficult and you might have some extra angles which are impossible to trimmed off. Introducing Circular Cutter that allows you to cut perfect round shape on paper or leather, just like what geometry compass does. 
Circular Cutter has an easy to read scale which is printed clearly on the ruler. Safety cover are also included to keeps blade and pivot pin covered when not in use. Great for scrapbooking, photo cropping, die cutting, plotting and more.
Methods and precautions:
  1. First check the blade screws are tightened,
  2. Adjust to the desired center of the radius size, scale back onto the lock button.
  3. Use with cutting mat to protect the blade and improves stability.
  4. Apply uniform force. 
Specification :  
Cutting Diameter : 1cm-30cm / 0.39''-11.81'' inch.
Accessories : 3 pieces pencil leads and 6 pieces blades.