Cigarette Case With USB Lighter

Cigarette Case With USB Lighter

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Smoke with style! You do not have to worried about your lighter again! The Cigarette Case With USB Lighter has a large capacity for you to fit a pack of 20pcs cigarette, and it comes with a mini USB lighter on the case itself! Featuring the coil heated USB lighter, it is more environmental-friendly as it is rechargeable and you do not have to worry about the strong wind.


  • Large Capacity: It can fit a pack of 20 pcs cigarettes, no need to insert the cigarettes one by one.
  • With Electric Lighter: Include electric lighter which is windproof and flameless. It's enviromental friendly as it is rechargeable with usb.
  • Protection: Cigarette case made of aluminum, it's strong, light, scratch resistant and splash proof. 
  • Long Service: It can light up 4 packages of cigarette when full-charged, the built in battery can be charged and discharged 200~300 times.


  • Keep lighter away from children.
  • Do not immerse the case into water or other liquid, otherwise it will lead to short circuit.
  • Please disconnect the power of the USB lighter when it is fully charged, (the general charge time is 2 hours), otherwise it will shorten the battery life.
  • Do not hold the lighter for more than 10 seconds, can keep your fingers away from the heated coil.

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1 x Cigarette Case With USB Lighter