Cat Mesh Pouch

Cat Mesh Pouch

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Tired of keeping your cat in place? Most cats struggle when you try to hold them down while taking medication, having ear or eye inspection, or having their nails trimmed. Every cat owner knows that is a disaster. Well, we have the essential bag for all the cat lovers. It is a great solution to your problem. The Cat Mesh Pouch creates a safe environment for your cat to calm them down.

User's Guide:
  1. Loosen the rope to open the pouch. 
  2. After you put your cat into the pouch, tighten the rope (not too tight).
  3. If the cat struggle too much, try to placate them.
  4. Give your car some treats after removing them from the pouch to comfort them.


  • Materials: The Cat Mesh Pouch is made of high quality soft mesh, which is durable and breathable washable.
  • Ergonomic design: Easily control your cat and keep it calm. 
  • Multifunction: This is an essential tool for cats grooming, bathing, cutting nails, picking ears, clipping, cleaning teeth, feeding, using eye drops, giving medicines and shots, eye treatments, examinations, and administration of medicine, etc.

Package Includes: 1*Cat Mesh Pouch