Cat Litter Catcher

Cat Litter Catcher

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If you still are upset about cat litter scattering around the house, if your kittens still resist to walk on the cat mat, if you spend much time cleaning your floor, Cat Litter Catcher with Double Layer Design perfectly solve these problems. Using soft and non-toxic EVA foam with double layer and big holes designs, Cat Litter Catcher collect cat litter using a different method. Litter, which is tracked by your kittens out of litter boxes, can be easily collected on the upper layer and goes through the holes, which seems like hourglasses, into the bottom layer. Meanwhile, litter can be also easily released. You just open the mat like open an envelop to pour the litter out. No bother to release litter by shaking for several times.

3 methods to clean up:

  • Tip or pour litters back into litter box
  • Vacuum off after use
  • Hose dirt off after use

Wash with cold water and then air dried, it will keep the litter mat away from harboring odor causing bacteria.


  • PREVENT LITTER SCATTERING AROUND: Double-layer honeycomb design helps you gather litters on the upper layer and let it go through the holes down to bottom layer.
  • WATERPROOF/URINE PROOF LAYER: Bottom layer is waterproof which will not allow any liquid to go through. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Just wash it by water or use a vacuum and then blow-dry it. Save time and strength!
  • SOFT ON PAW: Many other mats use rough materials that may hurt kitties. Our premium comfort mat is Phthalate free and our super soft EVA material is gentle for sensitive cat paws. Cats even like to have an afternoon snooze on it.

 Package Includes: 1 * Cat Litter Catcher