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Card Shaver

Card Shaver

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How fast does your facial hair grow? Fast growth rate of facial hair might affect tidiness of an individual especially in the afternoon. Introducing Card Shaver, it is a pocket shaver that has the same size as credit card or ATM card. User can easily carry it and put in the wallet. Card Shaver support your shave need at anytime.

Card Shaver comes with both razor and mirror in compact design. The U-shaped hardened mirror are specially designed to prevent scratching. The blades come with aromated moist stick that irrigate skin and freshen up user's face and mind. Card Shaver is easy operate, easy to carry, simple shaving operation and disassembly easy assembly. Keep one in your wallet today as it will not take up too much space! 

  • Portable: Carry like one of your credit card! Keep it in your wallet's card slot and you are able to shave anywhere.
  • 2 Piece: Card Shaver comes with a unique 2 piece in 1 design, which consist of a U-shaped mirror and shaver, as well as spare blades attached on the mirror.
  • Precise Engineered: The U-shaped mirror are harden to prevent scratching and the matte finishing on the shaver provides comfortable and better grip for users.

Package Includes: 1* Card Shaver