Car Press Start System

Car Press Start System

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Envy those with press start or push start system in their vehicle? You don't have to spend so much buying a new car actually. The Car Press Start System allows you to convert your key start vehicle into a press start one! It is a simple and easy to use press start and stop button for DC 12V vehicles. Car Press Start System is compatible with 95% DC 12V petrol cars on the market.



  1. To install this device, professional car alarm installer installation is highly recommended.
  2. You need to unlock/release/remove the steering lock if there is one in your vehicle while installation this item. An extra bypass module is required if there is a chip immobilizer in your car factory OEM key(remote)


  1. One push button to start / stop the engine.
  2. RFID engine lock. In arming mode, when the key gets close to the detection circle (about 2-5cm), the system will be triggered, which indicates the system is disarmed. Otherwise, the start button will not work.
  3. Open acoustics and dashboard function.
  4.  Automatically lock the host after stalling 35 seconds.
  5. Immobilizer with warded lock card anti-theft function, the system will enter arming mode after 15 seconds automatically when car is stopped.
  6. Can be matched your car alarm system or keyless entry system.
  7. Easy to install and remove. 
Package includes:
1 * Car Engine Push Starter Host
1 * Push Start Stop Button
1 * RFID Sensor Ring
2 * RFID Key
1 * Installation Wire
1 * Manual