Car Defroster & Heater

Car Defroster & Heater

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Car Defroster & Heater blows instant heat or cool air to warm up or cool down your car within seconds. It comes with a 180 degree rotate supporting holder which is convenient and easy to tilt. Car Defroster & Heater is ideal for defrosting or demisting window and windshield. Keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


  1. Simply stick or fix to your vehicles' dashboard or anywhere you want.
  2. Just plug in to your cigarette lighter socket and turn it on.


  • Material: Polymer heat resistant hard plastic material, automatic heating with overheating protection.
  • Both Heating & Cooling: Car Defroster & Heater quickly clears the car windshield mist or frost by heating the air, and it also can be used as a fan to cool your car in the summer.
  • Easy To Install: Plug it into your 12v/24v vehicle's cigarette socket and turn it on. With cold and hot switch, practical and convenient.
  • Efficient: This car electronic heater offers a high powered air blowing to heats up within seconds. Saves you time and fuel by using your cars alternator to keep the heater powered instead of gas!

Package includes:
1 x Car Defroster & Heater
1 x Adhesive tape
2 x Screws