Car Cigarette Ashtray

Car Cigarette Ashtray

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Many people like to roll down the windows when they smoke in their cars, but it is impossible to do so during rainy days or cold weather. That is why having a ashtray in your car is a must. Car Cigarette Ashtray is the ashtray specially designed to fit in your car's cup holder and when you lift the lid of the ashtray, the cool LED lights up! The LED light improves your visibility and gives you easy visual access to the tray. 


  • BEST CAR ASHTRAY: This car ashtray with lid is easy to carry and fit most auto vehicle car cup holder.
  • CLEAR VISUAL WITH LIGHT DESIGN: The ashtray's LED will light up as you open the lid. The cover seal the ashtray perfectly to keep the smell away from spreading into your car. 
  • BRILLIANT DESIGN: It gives the car a whole level of uniqueness and it makes  your car even more fashionable with the LED light that gives you easy visual access to the tray in a dark car/room.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This car ashtray is constructed of premium quality high density fireproof material to provide you with a sturdy and durable tray, used for cigarette and fits most car cup holder. 

Package Includes: 1 x Car Cigarette Ashtray