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Bluetooth Headband

Bluetooth Headband

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Enjoying music while jogging but the headphone wire gets in your way? This one is particularly troubling for a jogger.  Introducing the Bluetooth Headband, that allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones, and protect you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat. Built-in microphone to let you won't miss any callings.

This headband perfectly absorbs all sweat during sports activities like yoga, running, jogging, etc. It will not slip off during when you're wearing it because of it's elastic and fits all sizes. This product is also fully washable, simply remove the device from the headband and it's ready to wash. High quality material provide a soft and comfortable feeling.

Product size: 19.5 x 7.5cm
Built-in 200mAh high-performance battery, Charge via USB Cable