Bloody Shower Mat

Bloody Shower Mat

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Make your home the spookiest place in town for Halloween! Horror fanatics are going crazy for this Bloody Shower Mat! Watch this pure white mat get blood prints and stains when it gets wet!

It's the perfect thrill for horror aficionados and fun spooky pranksters!

  • Leave bloody prints and splatters after a shower - the mat turns red whenever it is in contact with water 
  • Appears white when dry - no one would suspect for "blood stains" appearing
  • "Blood stains" fade after 5 to 10 minutes or when the rug is dry - just in time for your next prank victim
  • Create a haunting and creepy effect for visitors unaware 
  • Highly absorbent - so it's still an excellent bath mat aside from its bloody features
  • Non-slip backing - makes it perfectly secure, no need to worry about slippery bathroom floors 
  • Easy to clean - you may vacuum it or give it a wring for light cleaning

This Bloody Shower Mat makes a perfect Halloween decor or April Fool's gift! Create a hauntingly creepy effect in your bathrooms, or just about anywhere you think it can give a spook!

Package Includes: 1*Bloody Shower Mat