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Beekeeping Box

Beekeeping Box

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Have you ever heard that home harvested honey taste the best? Now you can have your own honey by setting up the Beekeeping Box! Setting up a bait hive in your Beekeeping Box is a way of providing a new home for swarming bees and setting up a new colony. 
Setting Up The Box:
  1. Get your bait box ready at the beginning of swarm season. Swarm season normally happen on spring, and the best time to set up your bait box is towards the beginning when bees are beginning to swarm and search for new homes.
  2. Include an old frame from a healthy have. Bees love to live in places where other bees have successfully lived before. 
  3. Make sure the upper part of the box is snug and dry. Seal the box so that no sunlight or water could enter the box.
  4. Lure the swarm, lemongrass essential oil is often recommended as a natural swarm lure, but products designed specifically as swarm lures are likely to be more effective.
  5. Once the bee started their empire inside your box, you can inspect every 2 weeks to check their status.

Enjoy the fun of raising bee and get ready to harvest your own, home-grown honey!

Package Includes: 1* Beekeeping Box