Baby Bottle Brush Set

Baby Bottle Brush Set

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Ensure your baby’s health and safety with our extra durable Baby Bottle Brush Set! Washing your baby’s bottles is no more a hassle. Enjoy this everyday chore and ensure complete health and safety of your baby by maintaining spotlessly clean bottles every time. This baby bottle brush set is designed to make bottle cleaning faster and easier, so you can spend your precious time with your loved ones.


  1. The various brushes in different shapes, sizes and flexibility make cleaning the special parts of the bottles easy and thorough - such as nipples, smaller bottles, pump parts and other accessories.let mother is easier to clean, let the baby away from bacteria.
  2. Special-designed sponge cleans hard-to-reach areas effectively and effortlessly. Even for bottles with small openings, rotate sponge in and out to reduce wear and tear. Sponge bottle brush can clean any milk bottles, and it won't damage the bottle.
  3. Nylon bottle brush is a good choice to clean the dirt which is difficult to clean. Nylon bottle brush is more suitable for cleaning glass baby bottle.
  4. Nipple brush, cap brush and straw cleaner is flexible for small accessories. It will easy to make the bottle accessories 
  5. Bottle tongs enable easy removal of bottles from sterilizer or boiling water.
  6. Applicable on coffee pot nozzle and teapot nozzle, nipple baby bottle tube, breast pump, cup, oil pourer, drinks pourer, water filter pipe, tobacco smoke pipe, spout and cake decorating icing dispenser etc.

Package Includes:
1 X Sponge Bottle Brush
1 X Nylon Bottle Brush
1 X Nipple Brush
1 X Bottle Tongs
1 X Cap Brush
1 X stainless steel Straw Cleaner
1 X PP Straw Cleaner