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Automatic Wire Twister

Automatic Wire Twister

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Manual wire twister is tiring especially you have bunch of wire mesh to tie up. The Automatic Wire Twister is the latest invention to that are able to cut down wire twisting effort into half! It has a self-spring return action allows you to complete the wire twisting task just by one hand. Automatic Wire Twister eliminates fingers and hand fatigue. Simply insert hook into loop, pull the wire twister and watch it twist! 
  • Eliminates the pain out of twisting wires and rebar ties, twists most ties with just one to two pulls.
  • Heavy duty materials to suit construction sites uses.
  • Spring-loaded return design for quick and efficient twisting.
  • Soft ergonomic handle allows you to grip and hold the twister firmly.
  • A faster way of securing wire at the same time reduces hand fatigue.
Package Includes:
1*Automatic Wire Twister