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8 in 1 multi Wrench

8 in 1 multi Wrench

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Dog Bone Wrench is the uniquely designed tool that combines 8 tools into 1 and makes any repair quick & easy! Each end of the wrench comes with 4 different wrench size, so both ends you'll have 8 different sizes. Switching wrench size is now easy peasy with just flipping the swivel head.
With Dog Bone Wrench you can now work with 45 degree angle to get those difficult to reach nuts and bolts. The 360° head function saves your time from guessing and finding the correct wrench size in your tool box. 
  • 360° adjustable wrench head enable you to find the correct wrench size quickly and easily. 
  • 45° works now are no longer a difficult task.
  • 8 different sizes wrench in one tool.