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CarbonPOW™ Organic Teeth Whitening Carbon Powder

CarbonPOW™ Organic Teeth Whitening Carbon Powder

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Have you ever wonder why your teeth is still yellow even though you brush your teeth frequently? Your teeth can become discolored by stains on the surface or by changes inside the tooth.

Introducing the CarbonPOW™ Organic Teeth Whitening Carbon Powder, the savior to your yellow teeth problem! Organic Teeth Whitening Carbon Powder is the activated charcoal (oxidized charcoal) that removes your teeth stains effectively. Unlikely commercial teeth whitening paste, this product contains non-toxic ingredients that also balance the pH value in your mouth to ensure fresh breath.

This Carbon Powder is food grade and is made from 100% Organic Coconut Shell

Not only whiten up your teeth, this product also prevent bacteria growth, deodorizing and remove plaque. To ensure better result, brush your teeth twice a day for about 2-3 minutes, consecutively for 2-3 days.